Smart Communications has announced that they will be adding an extra 1GB of data to their existing GigaSurf 99 promo as part of their Independence Day celebration treat to their customers.

Before this announcement, the GigaSurf 99 promo only comes with 2GB of data. But now, Smart is adding an extra 1GB — which now totals to 3GB of consumable data valid for seven (7) days. The promo also comes with free access to YouTube.

This means that you can browse the web, catch up with friends through different messaging apps, and flick through your social media feeds like Facebook and Instagram with more flexibility.

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The free YouTube access also lets subscribers stream videos on YouTube without draining a huge chunk of data from their allowance. However, it is only limited to one hour of free access. But still, it’s not too shabby for a free offer.

To register, simply key in GIGA99 and send it to 9999. The promo will be available for both Smart Prepaid users until June 17.

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