How much do you spend to check your Facebook account? Whatever it is, it can’t be cheaper than this! Smart’s new prepaid promo Unli FB2 lets you surf on the world’s most popular social network for just Php2 a day! Beat that!

So how do you register? First of all, you need to be registered to another Smart prepaid promo like All Text 15. Once you’re signed up with another promo, you can then register to Smart’s Unli FB2 by sending FB2 to 6406. Just wait for the confirmation text and start surfing!


Of course, make sure you don’t click on any videos that aren’t hosted on Facebook or links that redirect you out of Facebook because these will be subject to the standard data charges unless you’re already subscribed to a data promo. You’ll also want to make sure none of your apps sync or update in the background because these use up data as well.

Looking to learn more about Smart Unli FB2? Just head on over to their website.

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