While there are plenty of local phone brands for budget-minded smartphone buyers to choose from, that hasn’t stopped a lot of us from salivating at the offerings of the premium Chinese brands. Well Xiaomi, one of the biggest of them all, is beginning to set up shop in the Philippines. Don’t believe me? Check out their official website and Facebook page!

Of course, the website has nothing more than a “Mabuhay Pilipinas! Waiting for Mi? We’re coming soon!” welcome while the Xiaomi Philippines Facebook page offers barely more content. Still, it’s a good sign that we’ll soon being seeing popular phones like the Mi 3, Redmi and Redmi Note being offered on our local shores.

Competition is going to be tough though. Gionee has had a year’s headstart already and Oppo already made its entry into the local market a few months back. Then there are the local brands they’ll have to contend with that can offer even more competitive pricing. Well, you have to be brave to enter the Philippine market and we should at least be thankful that 3 of the top Chinese brands are already in the country.

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