If you think that tinkering with the human body and the organs to create something like the undead is just within the confines of Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), consider reconsidering that thought.

Scientists have finally created a ‘modular body’—a living body that isn’t exactly alive. Biologist Cornelis Vlasman thinks the human body can work similarly to the LEGO blocks we play.

Vlasman then proceeded to create OSCAR, a living, organic system that came to be because of his own cells combined with the power of technology. What makes OSCAR unique is that, like LEGO blocks, its system is interchangeable to create particular arrangements.

Further, Vlasman shows how his brain module (a completely electric device) connects to a lung module, and the two ‘organs’ interact. The same goes when he attaches more modules, such as a kidney and limbs. This modular body, of course, also has bloodstream and nerve signals transmitted throughout the connectors.

Although Vlasman says this is just a prototype, it can be observed that OSCAR transforms the human body from a closed system to an open-source system. This suggests that if an organ gets damaged, it can be replaced with a new one.

Similarly, a module can be attached to ‘upgrade’ the human body and make it adaptable to any situation. However, there is still more work for Vlasman, as it takes more than just cells to make the experiment successful and ready for use.

What do you think about Vlasman’s work? Do you think it’s possible to finally bring Sci-Fi into reality?

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