As tensions between China and the US remain at an all-time high, the Chinese government is lashing back with orders to prohibit its employees at central government agencies from using iPhones and any other foreign-branded devices as part of work, per the Wall Street Journal.

According to the report, the staff were given the memorandum by their superiors via meetings or workplace chat groups. However, it is uncertain the extent by which the order is being carried out.

The alleged prohibition follows an anticipated Apple event next week, which experts believe would be about the launch of a new iPhone lineup.

As for other foreign brands in China that may be affected by the rule, WSJ did not mention any other aside from Apple.


Reuters reached out to Apple and China’s State Council Information Office to gather an official response from the Chinese government, but it has yet to respond to the request.

China has been leaning less on foreign technologies for over a decade now, prompting state-affiliated firms, like banks, to make use of local software and foster the local production of semiconductor chips.

With concerns over data security, leaders within Beijing called for a “dual circulation” growth model in 2020, which seeks to reduce dependence on foreign markets and technologies.

Citing their roles in the country’s subsistence in technology, China, in May, pushed big state-owned enterprises to meet that goal.

Words from several analysts insinuate that Beijing may not have any plan to spare any US company in its bid for less reliance on American technologies.

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