A new smart toilet has been developed to take pictures of your poop. And before you react, this could actually be a lifesaver.

As per the report, the poop pictures taken by this smart toilet will be sent directly to a doctor for analysis. Analyzing a person’s excrement can actually help determine possible issues with colon cancer and other conditions.

The new toilet is being developed at Duke University. It uses an algorithm that can help examine feces, like if there’s blood present.

As per Dr. Sonia Grego, they are optimistic that a patient will be willing to use the technology since it’s relatively easy to install and operate. The device can be easily installed on toilet pipes. Once installed, the patient will not have to do anything other than flushing.

She added that this could be useful for a patient that lives in long-term care facilities that can’t report their conditions. Plus, it should help them have an improved initial diagnosis of acute conditions.

Via: New York Post

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