Every now and then, the Epic Game Store offers a major title free of charge. Remember last year when GTA V became free for a week and it led to so much high traffic that it temporarily shuttered the online store? Well, this time and up to May 27, Epic has put up NBA 2K21 for free.

NBA 2K21 needs no introduction to many players, as the game (and the NBA 2K franchise itself) naturally comes to everyone’s mind when it comes to basketball video games.


Publisher 2K Sports and developer Visual Concepts releases an entry to the franchise on a yearly basis, updating the roster and adding incremental improvements to the game’s tried-and-tested formula.

So, if you want to shoot some virtual hoops, you have three days left to grab NBA 2K21 from the Epic Game Store at no cost. As for the in-game virtual currency, well that’s a different story.

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