A group of researchers from the Lancaster University is revolutionizing the way solar energy is stored, providing a means to extend its storage for up to several months at a time and deploy it on demand in the form of heat.

The idea behind the project is to come up with an efficient method of storing needed energy during the summer and whose accumulated energy will, then, be used as a source of heat during winter.

Still in its early stages of development, the technology, if made commercially available, could see it supplementing the heating for both offices and houses, subsequently reducing environmental footprint.

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Behind the fantastic technology is a “metal-organic framework” which comprises metal ions linked together in a 3D layout.

Through some “special molecules” infused within the framework’s pores, ultraviolet lights are absorbed which consequently alter the particle’s shape as influenced by light or heat. The same special molecules are capable of remaining at room temperature but will switch state when exposed to external heat, akin to a bent spring that snaps back.

Other applications over the same technology include drug delivery and data storage, as per researchers.

Source: Lancaster University

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  1. Great news. I always rejoice in such news, when finding new and new ways to use new technologies for good and at the same time minimize the damage to the surrounding nature. And the faster we find the best solutions, the better for us and our planet.