The US Army is spending millions of taxpayer’s money in neuroscience in order to come up with a means to make “telepathic” interaction possible among its soldiers. Or, in other words, to facilitate communication using only each person’s brain signals.

Not a stray from the possibility, ARO neuroscientists have made significant, albeit rudimentary progress, by being able to decode and consolidate the behavioral signals from the brain.

Currently, the test is being conducted on animal model, particularly monkeys.

Hamid Krim, ARO program manager, claims that the purpose of the research is not merely to measure signals, but also to interpret them, as told to C4ISRNET.

With the intent of advancing the study further, the next stage will involve an attempt to decrypt other types of brain signals and develop a computer that will interpret the thoughts through signals.

The last stage, according to Krim, is to be able to understand the idea behind the interpretations.

Ultimately, the goal of the project is for soldiers to execute commands, all while being completely silent, as well as set a means by which a person’s stress and fatigue levels are observed. 

Source: New York Post

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