A Lenovo executive has just unveiled the probable release of the updated model of the Motorola Razr, referred to as the Razr gen-2. 

In a podcast ran by Reframed Tech, Lenovo South Africa’s general manager, Thibault Dousson, was quoted as saying that “there’s a new iteration coming up.” 

While the statement did not explicitly talked about a specific phone model, the suspicion is strong that it points to the Motorola Razr after speaking on something about a foldable phone in the podcast.


Continuing on his statement, Dousson said, “There’s one in September I think, coming up.”

Should the enhanced version of the Motorola Razr make it in the prospective release date, it would make for a short turn around considering the original Razr’s February launch. Although announcement to the Motorola Razr did initially came about as early as November of last year.


Far from being a truly compelling product, the original Razr’s mixed reception is not without its merit. Let us just hope to see a massive improvement over the original design with this up and coming enhanced unit. 

Via: Android Authority

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