Facebook and Instagram Shops launched to help businesses during the pandemic


The entire economy has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Facebook saw the opportunity and launched the new Facebook and Instagram Shops.

With Facebook and Instagram Shops, businesses and small entrepreneurs can put up their own stores on Facebook and Instagram to attract stay-at-home customers. Either you’re a retailer, hobbyist, or a restaurant owner, you can utilize this new feature to sell your PRODUCTS and save your business and the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s expected to flourish in the e-commerce industry, who saw huge growth in the past few months as more people are forced to shop online. Facebook Shops will be powered by third-party services like Woo, BigCommerce, and Shopify.

Businesses can create their Facebook Shops storefront for free. Users can advertise their stores to gain more customers; This is where Facebook will be making money out of it, as well as in fees on Shops’ checkout option and payments.

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The Shops section is found on the businesses’ Facebook and/or Instagram page. These businesses will either handle the purchases directly on Facebook, or transfer the consumer to their own website to check out.


Customer support is also a big deal in services like this. Customers can connect with the businesses through Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct messages, and WhatsApp.

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Facebook is also working to put loyalty programs into Shops, just like what Lazada and Shopee are doing to further lure-in prospected consumers.

The Facebook Shops is a more feature-packed e-commerce platform than the peer-to-peer Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Shops is now available in the US while Instagram Shops will arrive on a later date. Both services will then seed in more markets worldwide in the coming months.


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