Android has lost 7.58 percent of its global market share for the past five years.

Data showed by StockApps indicates that the loss can be attributed to “heightened competition” from rival iOS, whose share rose by 6.09 percent from 19.4 percent in July 2018 to 25.49 percent in January 2022. The remaining 1.49 percent of Android’s loss went to lesser-known operating systems by Samsung, Nokia, and KaiOS.


The market share gap between iOS and Android is certainly shrinking, but the latter remains the dominant OS for mobile devices, a position it has held since 2010. Android has a 69.74 global market share as of January 2022.

Region-wise, Android is the leading OS in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America, the last of which Android is dominating with a 90-percent share. In North America and Oceania, however, iOS has a slight edge at 54 percent share in both regions over Android’s 45 percent.

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