Many of you may remember the Cherry Mobile P1, a mini Bluetooth dialer accessory that essentially acted as a smartphone controller.

It was a great idea for a product, but compatibility issues between different ROMs and versions of Android meant that some features were more likely to work than others. Well, the local phone brand has revealed two new mini Bluetooth dialers in the form of the Cherry Mobile P2i and P6. What’s different about them? They offer improved SMS features that should be compatible on just about any smartphone!

The difference between the P2i and Cherry Mobile P6 versus the P1 is that they work with an all new BTNotification app that you can download from the Cherry Play store onto the smartphone you’ll be using them with. Once installed, the app will let the P2i and P6 so you can get access to additional SMS features on your smartphone, most likely the ability to compose and send messages using just the Bluetooth dialer instead of having to take out your main phone.

This addresses the major downside of the original P1 dialer, which had issues using SMS features on your smartphone depending on the ROM being used. And the pricing isn’t bad either. The Cherry Mobile P6 is Php799 and costs just as much as the P1, while the P2i is priced at Php899. Both of them are compatible with the BTNotification app while the P1 isn’t.


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  1. Wow! It actually worked on my sony xperia fone. I was using the p2i as a normal phone with a sim card, now that i bought a smartfone, i remembered its bluetooth feature. I downloaded Mediatek SmartDevice, turned on its notification and bluetooth, the. It worked right away!

  2. What if your phone doesn’t use a mediatek chipset? What BT Notifier app should I download? I can’t find the Mediatek SmartDevice app on the App Store. I’m thinking maybe because my phone is not compatible with the app since my phone uses a Snapdragon chipset. Anybody?

  3. Ok so I got this yesterday & I’ll comment a few specs for those interested.
    From the box, it’s a:
    Single Sim – Standard Sized Sim
    Dual Band GSM
    1.69in TFT LCD [176 x 88 pixels]
    VGA Camera – ?mp
    FM Radio – when connected to wired headset
    Music Player [MP3, WAV]
    Video Player [AVI]
    BT V2.1
    Smartphone SMS Viewer
    Data Security
    MicroSD Slot, Upto 16gb.
    No Vibrate
    Costs 899php
    Dimensions: about 3.45 inches [87mm] x 1.85 inches [48mm]
    Note: Audio: It doesn’t have a stereo jack 3.5mm. All it has is the same port for charging. If you’re going to use a bluetooth headset, then you’re going to have to live with not pairing the device as a remote.
    To add, the battery is a 3.7v, capacity of 480mah/1.776Wh – at standby & with about 5 mins worth of calls, several texts, & paired with a my phones, from the pre-charged battery of about 3/4, it lasted more than a day.
    I’ve already paired it with my Iphone 4s & Galaxy S3 without problems. I’ve imported my contacts from both phones into the p2i via bluetooth pairing & everything went smoothly. I’ve also played music on both my phones & it remotely plays & controls them. The same goes for calls, when I receive a call on either of my phones, I’m able to answer them on the CM p2i without any issue. The only thing bugging me is the SMS viewer, asking me for the BTnotification which I have to download somewhere & there are no particular instructions on how to do it.
    In terms of customizing the wallpaper, the picture has to have a resolution of 176×88 pixels or it will fail & get an unsupported resolution. So far, JPEGs and PNGs work, but I would prefer PNGs for smaller file sizes. When changing ringtones, I’ve only tested MP3s. There’s a small bug, however, & I’m still looking into it. Whenever I change only the Message Alert tone, I’m able to, & when I choose a different alert tone for the Ring, it automatically updates it using the custom Message Tone I used. When I attempt to change & save the Ring Tone, it keeps on using the Message Tone, unless I revert to default Message Tones again.
    Lastly, when I go to the Audio Player, I can’t search for music. Everything is stored in my memory card & no matter what I do, it’s always blank, despite refreshing it. However, I can search for music via the File Explorer & play the music/mp3 file & it will open in the Audio Player. When paired via bluetooth, the Audio Player works just fine, so it’s only a matter of using the Audio Player & checking for music via Memory Card that’s the problem.
    Overall impressions; the phone is great, the remote function is perfect, but for the SMS viewer, I don’t see why they didn’t just complete it out of the box & even if not, they should have included a step by step guide which doesn’t need a rocket scientist to do it.
    *The camera, I wouldn’t be using it, but buying this as a remote dialer, I don’t think anyone would be using it anyway.
    *The Audio player via the Memory Card is a negative, but as a remote, it’s great.
    *Making & receiving calls, the volume is decent, but if you’ve got an issue with hearing, you’re better off using the headset.
    *The keypad is just at the right level, properly distanced from each other & the buttons are easy to press, not too light and not too hard.
    *The battery, despite being only about 480mah, lasted good enough for my use for about 1-2 days.
    *Weighs only about five 5php Coins, so it’s pretty light.
    I’ll leave you guys to decide what you think, but those are the pros & cons for me. If there are things that I’ve missed, feel free to add, but those are my observations so far. Thank you. :)

    1. Update: There were comments in another website that answered questions about the BT Notifier. It’s called the “Mediatek SmartDevice” app found in google play. Just download & install it, & everything will work out on the SMS feature. However, this only works on android devices. As for IOS, I have yet to find answers. Thanks.

      1. any update if it will work on IOS? yung messaging? kasi i download mediatek sa apple store wala ako nadedetect bluetooth.

    1. “Mediatek SmartDevice” app found in google play. Just download &
      install it, & everything will work out on the SMS feature.

      1. does it still work if the smartphone is using a snapdragon chipset not a mediatek chipset? ived been to some cherry mobile kiosks and stores and they dont know how to sync it. this one is really usefull if you can send sms from p2i from your smartphone.