Ookla’s latest mobile performance report has revealed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max continues to dominate in terms of mobile download speeds, surpassing Samsung and Google smartphones. Previous reports have also shown the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s performance in Q4 and Q1 2023. However, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has now reclaimed its title as the fastest smartphone for cellular speeds in Q4 2023. The study by Ookla provides insights into download/upload speeds, latency, availability, and other performance metrics for major US carriers.

The recent study by Ookla confirmed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max surpassed its competitors in terms of download speed. With a median download speed of 213.84 Mbps, the iPhone 15 Pro Max outshines all other smartphones on the list. The iPhone 15 Pro also performs admirably, boasting a median download speed of 189.33 Mbps. Additionally, the iPhone 15 Pro Max exhibits the fastest median upload speeds, measuring at 14.70 Mbps.


But despite having the top spots, Samsung manages to achieve a higher overall median mobile speed of 113.74 Mbps, surpassing Apple’s devices.


Take note that the initial median download speeds for a newly launched smartphone tend to be the highest and gradually decrease over time as more customers adopt the device. This phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that early adopters of high-end smartphones are more likely to have better mobile connections.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max initially recorded an impressive median download speed of 251.37 Mbps, which slightly declined to 213.84 Mbps in the recent speed test. Nevertheless, this still represents a notable improvement when compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s median download speed of 127.83 Mbps in Q2 2023.

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