Since LG‘s last phones have officially shipped off the production line, the South Korean company will no longer be manufacturing smartphones. One of LG’s Vietnamese factories, which built many of its mobile phones, is set to become a house appliances factory.

Its smartphone division cost LG a lot of money for many years, so it’s not surprising that the company finally made the decision to close it down.

By the end of July, LG is set to drop its failed division, although it may continue to sell a few of its smartphones after that date to clear up old stocks.

LG still promises to provide updates for its Android operating system for up to 3 years after purchase. For after-sales services, the company will provide up to 4 years after the product’s manufacturing date.

In spite of LG ceasing to make smartphones, a small number of the company’s unreleased smartphones, such as the Velvet 2 Pro and LG Rollable, which it unveiled this January at CES, are still available in the market for its employees.

Source: Engadget


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