Windows 10 Mobile has officially died in the latter part of 2019. But it seems like there is still hope for Windows Phone fans as Emperion announced the Nebulus.

In a Twitter post, Emperion revealed that the Nebulus is the first phone with an ARM processor to run Windows 10 in a mobile setting. Information is pretty scarce as of the moment, but some key details has been posted in the social media discussion.

But before you get too excited, take note that this announcement is just a single tweet followed by answers to some questions. No press release and official statement either. Nothing fancy.


Probably its main highlight is the fact that it’s running Windows 10 on ARM with its overclocked Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. In terms of software, it’s skinned with Emperion’s UI.

The Nebulus phone can easily switch to a desktop setup by using wireless or USB-C, similar to how Continuum works. In addition, it will be able to run Android apps natively without the need of third-party emulators and switching operating systems.

The company also said that Microsoft helped them a lot in the development and putting together the Nebulus.

While we’re all excited with this news, it’s important to note that Windows 10 on ARM doesn’t currently have support for typical “phone” features like calls and SMS. Maybe they will use online services or something like Skype, but Emperion has not provided information about that just yet.

The Nebulus will initially be sold directly without any carrier, although negotiations with a UK telco is currently being worked on. Afterwards, Emperion plans to release the device in the United States. No exact pricing and availability has been mentioned at the moment.

Via: Windows Central

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