Though a bit late to the party, O+ USA will soon be launching its first smartphone that’s powered by an octa-core processor. Its name? The O+ Air.

O+ USA first hinted about its octa-core O+ Air earlier this month with the status: Wanna feel the Air? #comingsoonatoplus. The company further gave clues under the same hashtag, suggesting an octa-core processor running under the hood and Android 4.4 KitKat coming preinstalled.

O+ Air teaser

The good folks at TechPinas, meanwhile, got in touch with O+ USA and gathered a bit more info about the upcoming O+ Air. First, the name is a reference to the thin profile and light construction (akin to the iPad Air being thinner than a pencil). Despite its lightweight body, the phone’s shell is made of metal materials for an elegant, durable look.

Lastly, the O+ Air’s 5-inch HD display makes use of a new screen technology called Lumi Display. From what I’ve gathered, it’s similar to IPS in how it retains brightness and color quality no matter the viewing angle. It’s also quite efficient in battery consumption.

The O+ Air is reportedly nearing completion, so we should be getting an official announcement soon. If priced right, I’m sure this phone will be the center of attention for weeks.

[Source: TechPinas]

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  1. funny how these sites (techpinas, etc) continue to preach that O+ is a “US based company” when its sole market is the the Philippines. :-)

    1. That’s how the company is boosting its Philippine market first. O+ may expand its phones to Vietnam and Indonesia (to compete Oppo and other local brands).

      1. Compete with Oppo are they fvcking crazy? xD they must be out of their mind heck all they do is buy to other Chinese ODM/OEM duh Oppo can produce phones themselves without depending on OEMs and ODMs hahahaha xD

    1. That’s because of the sponsorship agreement with GMA for Eat Bulaga! and the price of hardware. Think that the O+ will price that phone at P14k-P15k. That phone will hit Dead Trigger 2 w/ little lag.

        1. For those people who criticize o+ for pricing their phones, well its true that the price is high but despite the fact that they are using MTK chipsets (and I hope they will be using qualcomm someday) they are making their own phones and as far as I know, THEY ARE NOT REBRANDING OEM’s so please stop complaining..