Globe appears to be phasing it out its unlimited Internet service in favor of plans that are more transparent in data allocation. As such, new subscribers to the telecom’s postpaid plans will be offered with GoSurf.

GoSurf is Globe’s new consumable Internet service, with a Spotify subscription included as a freebie. For a certain price, GoSurf provides a certain amount of data for a number of days. For instance, registration for Php30 entitles users one day of Internet access for up to 50MB of data, while a Php2,499 registration is for a whole month with 15GB of data. Postpaid users (for GoSURF Plans 99 to 2499) also get to enjoy a No Bill Shock guarantee.

Existing UnliSurf subscribers still are entitled to their unlimited Internet access, but Globe’s Fair Use Policy (i.e., 1GB/day or 3GB/month) is still in place. Once their subscription has expired, users will be directed to GoSurf should they want to renew.

Early this year, Globe came under fire for its supposedly strict limit on mobile data consumption. It tried to explain how only a small number of users were affected by it, but users had become dissatisfied and disgruntled with the limits, given that they registered for “unlimited.”

[Source: Yugatech]

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  1. I travel the World and only in the Philippines do I find that the people are used with contempt by the Phone companies. In the UK, if they tried this rubbish they would be soon out of business….That said, it could only happen in the Philippines….as the saying goes.

  2. Wala ngang FUP etong GOSURF na to kasi Volume based charging to pero if iequate natin bill cap nila dito (limit kuno nila)…ganito kinalalabasan….Plan 99 to 999 1,500 bill cap means additional 750 MB of data lang…higher gosurf plans up to 2499 means plus 1.5gb data lang pwede mo makuhang volume ng data after sa limit…after that wala na…WALANG UNLIMITED SURFING DITO….suBscribe ka na naman ng bagong Gosurf…..Wala ng pag asa si Juan de La Cruz lugi na naman dito…..Yayaman na naman yayaman na naman mga Ayala’t mga politiko dito…

  3. They should be audited so that the regulators could impose sanctions. People are paying too much for their crappy services!

  4. kapal muks tlga tong globe. wag na nga gumamit ng statement na “unlimited” sa internet service nila kung may data cap naman. bogus advertiser na monopolist

    1. hahaah relate I’m a globe DSL user too mas mabilis pa ang LTE 50 ng smart kesa 3Mbps plan ng Globe lols