When Globe carried out its revised Fair Use Policy with 1GB-a-day data cap, the company sure did annoy many of its customers. The company thinks the resentment is unfounded, though, and has released an infographic to iron out any confusion about the policy.

To recap, the Fair Use Policy revision has made most of Globe’s Internet subscribers subject to a 1GB-a-day limit (or 3GB a month, whichever applies first). Once the limit is exceeded, the subscribers will then have their speeds throttled down to 2G for the remainder of the day and/or month.

Globe Fair Use Policy infographic

Entitled The Real Deal on FUP, Globe’s infographic sets out a couple of clarifications:

  • Only those who receive a text mentioning they’ve reached the limit will be throttled to 2G speed.
  • 97% of Globe users don’t even reach said limits, meaning only 3% (i.e., the heavy data users) have been affected by the new FUP.
  • Services with “unlimited” guarantee indeed offer non-stop data transmission. It’s just that the data cap changes the speed of heavy users.
  • 2G speed still is good enough for things like updating your Facebook status, posting tweets, and sending out text emails.
  • The 3GB-a-month cap is more than enough for mobile data needs and more generous than what other telcos worldwide offer.

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