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Globe’s Fair Use Policy limits 3G/4G speeds to 1GB/day or 3GB/month

It looks like Globe has revised its Fair Use Policy and imposed a stricter limit on mobile data consumption. Subscribers of Globe Internet promos and plans are now subject to 1GB-a-day limit (or 3GB-a-month, whichever comes first). Exceeding bandwidth is then put through 2G speeds.

To make it clear, those who subscribe to surfing promos and those with Internet postpaid plans (for both phones and Tattoo Lifestyle sticks) are affected by the new Fair Use Policy. PowerSurf subscribers and those surfing on regular rates (Php5/15 minutes) are exempted.

Setting such a low limit on their supposedly unlimited data plans will no doubt upset many Globe subscribers. But the local telecom claims that this new policy only affects 3% of users who consume a large volume of data on the mobile network. This will then be beneficial to the remaining subscribers, who have also paid for the Internet access and expect quality service from Globe.

In other words, if you are a Globe mobile user who often downloads large movies and other multimedia files using file-sharing/torrent apps, you will most likely notice a sudden drop in your Internet speed within the month. Users who only use the Internet access for the occasional browsing and watching videos on YouTube should not worry of exceeding the limit.

Globe also claims that this stricter imposition of its Fair Use Policy is within their rights and conforms to the international practice of telecom providers.

More information is available at Globe’s Fair Use Policy official page.


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