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Samsung wants to replace physical IDs with electronic mobile IDs


Do you remember those times you had to provide physical documents and ID cards to authenticate your identity, so you could open a bank account or apply for a job? No doubt, they were tedious and inconvenient.

But those are a thing of the past for Samsung, as it has developed a way to carry and provide personal info using the Galaxy S20.

With Samsung’s solution, an electronic ID (eID) can be created in just three steps: registration, verification, and application. And voila, an eID on the phone.

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However, the users’ experience may vary depending on how their country’s government implements a national ID system. For the Philippines, a system is being readied this year.

A combination of end-to-end encryption, security hardware known as embedded Secure Element, and other measures ensures the eID on the phone remains secure from unauthorized tampering and data theft.  

A pilot implementation for Samsung’s electronic mobile ID system is being done in Germany. No word yet regarding the global release.


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