Nowadays, capturing daily moments with your smartphone is common, especially through photos. Night photography, in particular, offers a unique and therapeutic experience for smartphone photography enthusiasts.

Cityscapes illuminated by night lights can be enchanting. This is something Gab Mirandilla, a Creative Designer, knows well. Besides his professional work that often involves photography, Gab enjoys taking stunning night shots.

Recently, Gab shared his expertise with vivo, offering practical tips and tricks on how to improve night shots using a mobile phone. This coincides with the release of the vivo V30e, part of the new Aura Portrait Master 3.0 series.

The vivo V30 Pro 5G, developed in collaboration with ZEISS, alongside the V30 and V30e, boasts powerful cameras designed to capture the mesmerizing beauty of the night.

6 tips for better night shots

Gab has shared six straightforward tips for achieving impressive night photography. While outdoor photography at night might seem daunting, these guidelines can help you create outstanding “nightography” results:

1. Always keep your smartphone camera lens clean

  • Ensure your lens is clean and dry to achieve the best possible shots. Whether you use the vivo V30 Pro, V30e, or V30, maintaining a clean lens free from dirt and moisture is crucial. Use a microfiber cloth to remove any particles without scratching the lens.

2. Enable gridlines for better composition

  • Activate gridlines to help compose your shots. Grids assist in aligning subjects for balanced photos, particularly at night. On the V30 5G, enable gridlines by opening the camera app and toggling the grid option in the upper right corner until the button turns yellow.

3. Adjust exposure settings before shooting

  • Adjust the exposure on your vivo V30 Series 5G to ensure your photos aren’t too bright or too dark. Tap the screen and drag the sun icon up or down to control the exposure before pressing the shutter. Proper exposure is essential for capturing clear night photos.

4. Look for good lighting, preferably natural and diffused

  • Finding good lighting is key, especially at night. In low-light conditions, use the Aura Light 3.0 feature of the vivo V30 Series. Activate it by clicking the flash button on the camera screen and adjust the tone using the color palette slider.

5. Experiment with different angles

  • Angles play a significant role in photography. Think creatively and use the vivo V30 Series’ zoom options (0.6x, 1x, 2x, or 4x) to easily focus on your subjects. Experiment with different angles to capture unique and share-worthy night photos.

6. Use the built-in Photo Editor

  • Edit your night photos immediately using the vivo V30 Series’ built-in photo editor. Access your gallery, select a photo, and click the edit button to adjust framing, brihtness, erase unwanted objects, add filers, and apply effects like bokeh. This eliminates the need for online tools or additional editing apps.

The vivo V30 Series comes with exceptional performance, particularly in photography, making it an excellent choice for those looking to capture stunning night photos.

By following these tips from Gab Mirandilla, you can enhance your night photography skills and make the most of your vivo V30 Series smartphone.

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