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Xiaomi patent hints at a sliding phone with flexible screen


German website, WindowsUnited, has come across a patent by Xiaomi which puts a slight twist to the smartphone via its sliding design.

In effect, it is quite synonymous with Xiaomi’s previous product, the Mi Mix 3. But the patented design adds a bit of flair into the blueprint by featuring a flexible wraparound display at the bottom.

Like the Mi Mix 3, the sliding downwards of the outer shell reveals the phone’s cameras at the top, particularly for taking selfies. Which is indeed a neat feature, especially for those who might have concern over having their phone’s camera unwittingly running on them without permission.


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While it is still unclear how the sliding mechanics fully plays out, there’s a belief that the system at play sees dynamic effects both at the front and back. Meaning, sliding the screen from the front could possibly be causing a sliding effect also taking place at the back. Although, this notion is mostly speculation, based on available design.

Via: Android Authority


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