It has only been a few days since we’ve learned Xiaomi has patented a phone with built-in wireless earbuds, but the company is at it again. This time, it’s a new patent revealing a phone design with a detachable display.

The patent talks of two components based on details and images obtained by LetsGoDigital. There’s the main component with standard buttons for power and volume, a USB-C port, a triple-lens main camera, and a dual selfie camera. 


And there’s the removable display component. When removed, it remains operational as it apparently has its own wirelessly charged battery. If attached, the display conceals the selfie cameras, which means these may possibly work as under-screen cameras.


The Xiaomi patent doesn’t mention any purpose for removing the display. LetsGoDigital suggests the detached screen can be used as a camera viewfinder or for unique gaming experiences. Maybe it’s like the defunct Project Ara, that the display can be swapped for another when it breaks.

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