It looks like Facebook is experiencing another security fiasco.

Twitter user Joshua Maddux posted a screen recorded video of the said issue. As shown in the video, the camera would appear on the back of the Facebook app, showing what your rear camera is seeing in real-time, while scrolling on the news feed.

The bug is said only present on iPhone smartphones running on the latest iOS 13 operating system. So if you haven’t updated yours yet, or if you’re using an Android device, there there’s nothing to worry about.

Also, it will only appear if you’ve granted Facebook access to your camera and microphone. Something that you’re asked to enable when you want to share a story or do live videos. However, using this hardware without your knowledge is still a bit worrying.

It appears that this is just a bug that’s related to Facebook’s My Day story feature. But considering Facebook’s stained past of security issues, we can’t blame people to look at it as another possible violation of security.

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After the issue initially broke out, Facebook has released a statement saying that it is indeed a bug.

Facebook was trying to fix an issue that would incorrectly launch the app in landscape mode. But by doing so, they unintentionally created another bug that will partially navigate to the camera screen that’s adjacent to the news feed section.

The company assured everyone that they’ve seen no evidence of the photo or video captured unintentionally by this bug uploaded anywhere. Facebook has already submitted a bug fix to Apple, awaiting approval.

Via: TechCrunch

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