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Facebook records exposed on Amazon cloud servers


More than 540 million Facebook records were exposed on Amazon cloud servers, researchers from the UpGuard, a cybersecurity company, revealed.

The researchers founded two data sets on Amazon cloud server, one is linked to a Mexican company named Cultura Colectiva and with the other set already offline. The first one contained 540m records, such as likes, reactions, account names, Facebook IDs, and others. The other set contained passwords of 22,000 users.

It’s not clear how the data became publicly available and who released and obtained the information from the servers.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the data exposure is the result of a breach of Facebook’s systems. Somewhat, it is another example to the Cambridge Analytica case, which gives access to third parties on huge amounts of user data.

The UpGuard researchers stated that the Facebook platform facilitated the data collection, but those third parties are responsible for its security.

On the other hand, Facebook stated that it is investigating the data exposure and finding out why and how the data was stored on public servers. The company added that it worked with Amazon to take down the data from their servers.

But UpGuard researchers said that the data could not be controlled anymore as it had already spread.

Via: The Guardian


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