Not long after adding a similar feature to WhatsApp, Facebook has introduced the new Vanish Mode for Messenger and Instagram so texts and multimedia content disappear, never to be seen again.

Unlike in WhatsApp, where messages disappear after seven days, Vanish Mode removes messages immediately once they’re viewed by all parties involved and the conversation is closed. This can be useful for sending sensitive data, such as credit card information and intimate photos.

Facebook’s Messenger already has a similar feature called Secret Conversations, which allows you to indicate a time limit before messages disappear. But Vanish Mode makes it easier: simply swipe up on a conversation to turn the mode on and swipe up again to disable it. 



Vanish Mode, however, only works with people you’re connected with. If someone takes a screenshot of your conversation with the mode enabled, you’ll receive a notification.  

Vanish Mode is slowly being rolled out to Messenger, with Instagram to follow after.

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