A couple of months ago, Facebook introduced a new feature called App Lock for the Messenger app on iPhone and iPad. It’s a privacy and security measure that, when enabled, requires an authentication process to unlock the app and essentially keeps your chat messages safe from unauthorized users. Here’s how you can use App Lock with Face ID or Touch ID.

How do you enable app lock on Facebook Messenger for iPhone and iPad

Step 1: Launch Facebook Messenger on your iPhone or iPad.


Step 2: Tap your profile photo in the top-left corner.


Step 3: Go to Privacy.


Step 4: Tap App Lock.

Step 5: 5 Tap the Require Face ID or Require Touch ID toggle.


If your iOS device asks your permission to allow Facebook Messenger to use Face ID or Touch ID, tap OK. Facebook maintains it does not transmit and save fingerprint or face data to its servers.

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How often should app lock ask for identification?

When enabled with its default setting, the App Lock feature requires you to reauthenticate right after each time you leave the Messenger app. If that’s too much of a hassle for you, App Lock has three other settings that you can choose on when it asks for Face ID or Touch ID: one minute after leaving, 15 minutes after leaving, and an hour after leaving. 

It’s best you choose the default “After I leave Messenger” setting, as it is the most secure. Do note that even if the Messenger app is locked, you can still reply to messages via notifications and answer calls. 


Why should you use app lock on Facebook Messenger?

With App Lock enabled, you can let someone borrow your phone and feel assured that they wouldn’t be able to read your messages.  Even if your phone is stolen or lost and a random stranger somehow manages to unlock your phone, they are still blocked from opening Messenger because of App Lock.

Is there app lock for Facebook Messenger on Android?

As of this writing, App Lock is not yet implemented in the Android platform, though the feature is reportedly coming within the next few months.

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