For many of us, we treat Google Drive as our extra permanent storage where we dump files and forget about them for years. Not anymore. Your files will be deleted if you don’t use them, because Google has announced a new storage policy that requires active use of its services.

Per the policy update, effective after June 1, 2021, Google may delete your content in their products or services in which you’ve been inactive for at least two years. The policy also states that Google may also delete your content across its services if you’ve reached your storage limit for two years. For every free user, Google allots 15GB of free storage.


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Google will of course notify you via email and app notifications at least three months in advance before it removes any data that is eligible for deletion. And to avoid deletion, just make sure you’re under the 15GB limit.

You should also remain active, which is as simple as periodically logging in to Gmail, Drive, or other Google’s services via the web or first-party apps. You need to do this to all your accounts with the files you want to preserve.

You can read more of Google’s storage policy update on its blog and support page.

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