Following five years of giving free unlimited storage of “high quality” photos in its servers, Google Photos is finally opting to charge users for images beyond 15GB of storage usage, effective June 1, 2021.

The change will come alongside the policy changes with Google Drive which takes account of Google Workspace spreadsheets and documents, based on the same cap.

Part also of the modification includes the deletion of files from inactive accounts or accounts that have not been logged for two years at the least.

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Any photo that was uploaded to Google Photos before June 1, however, will not count against the will-be imposed storage cap.

Google Photos has been in great demand among shutterbugs and photo enthusiasts in general for its free storage of “original quality” and “high quality” images. But the service’s better selling point comes with the ability to store the latter with its ability to compress a large file into its smaller part for efficiency without greatly reducing the quality.

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