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A recent study proves something we’ve already known: Filipinos love spending their time online — so much so that we’ve dominated a lot of worldwide lists.

This newest one is from Sortlist, a marketing and advertising consultancy agency based in Brussels. As per the firm, Filipinos are spending nearly half the year online with more than a third of that spent on social media platforms.

The study reveals that people in the Philippines are spending 10 hours and 56 minutes per day online, or about 166 days per year. Of that duration, 4 hours and 15 minutes are spent on social media websites or 65 days per year.

These figures put the Philippines in the top spot of countries that spends the most time online and on social media. Sortlist estimates that 67% of the population utilizes the internet.


Sortlist co-founder and CMO Nicolas Finet said that “Over the past 18 months or so we have spent more time behind a screen than ever. As a result of the pandemic, many people have been forced to work from home, spend copious amounts of time on Zoom calls and used their free time to scroll social media and utilize the array of apps at our disposal, but all of this time spent online can build up,”

Finet expressed that “it’s important that we remind ourselves that there is more to enjoy than just social media and online brows­ing,”

In the top 10 list, the Philippines is joined by countries such as Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, Argentina, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan. It’s said that Taiwan has the highest population to use the internet at 90%.

The study also revealed that an average person spends about 36 days a year on social media.


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