It appears that more Filipinos are now more aware of data privacy, thanks to social media platforms and television becoming a stage to disseminate related information.

A nationwide survey conducted by the Philippine Survey and Research Center (PSRC) showed that public knowledge and awareness of the Data Privacy Act (DPA) improved to 25% last year, 2021, from 13% in 2017.

As per the report, the awareness was significantly higher in 2021 as more information is “willingly shared online”.

On the downside, the National Privacy Commission (NPC) noted that a lot of the respondents that have internet access still don’t have enough awareness regarding internet security. It’s said that only 9% of them know how to use social media appropriately.


Data privacy awareness is high on respondents with internet access in Luzon, NCR, and urban areas.

For those who are unfamiliar, DPA awareness refers to the respondents’ perception regarding the relevance of data privacy and how it can protect one’s information. However, those who find DPA irrelevant may not be aware of how important privacy is.

That said, the NPC stressed that educating the people about data privacy should be continued, “most especially in locations such as rural areas and those in the lower economic classes,”

Giving importance to privacy can also help prevent online fraud and scams, which have been rampant in the last few years in the country.

Via: Business Mirror

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