Fake news and unverified information are some of the biggest problems on the internet today. This is why fact-checking has been one of the main focuses of social media platforms today.

With that, video-sharing and social media app TikTok has come up with a new prompt system that will warn its users if they are about to share “unsubstantiated content”.


The company has teamed up with fact-checking platforms such as SciVerify, PolitiFact, and Lead Stories. If any of these platforms cannot confirm the information you are sharing, the app will show a prompt on the video.

Meanwhile, for users who will re-share a video with information that’s been flagged for unsubstantiated information, a grey caution prompt will appear on the top of the screen.


Albeit, users can still freely share the video. As per TikTok, the goal is for users to think twice before sharing such content.

Content creators who shared the video will get a warning if their post has been flagged. Such videos will not make it on the For You page.


TikTok said that its user base shared 24% less unverified and misleading content during the feature’s beta testing, while flagged videos dropped by 7% on average.

This latest fact-checking feature from TikTok is now available in the United States and Canada and will gradually hit other markets in the coming weeks.

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