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LinkedIn, the biggest professional network in the world, has released its Jobs on the Rise Report for 2021.

These are the jobs expected to be on demand for 2021 in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. And from what it looks like, the common trend is opportunities for online and remote-working positions. You can check the list below.

Jobs on the rise in the Philippines

  • Digital content specialist
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Education
  • Digital Marketing Specialists
  • E-commerce
  • Business Development and Sales
  • Healthcare and Medical Support
  • Customer Service Roles
  • Supply Chain

As per LinkedIn, the adaption of digital platforms and ways to live in Southeast Asia have increased. With that, brands and companies have found ways to connect with consumers even when they are stuck at home, resulting in a rise in demand for digital marketing specialists, digital content specialists, and other related fields.

Being stuck at home also boosted the popularity for e-commerce, which boosted the demand for workers specializes in related fields.


Obviously, the health crisis has pushed traditional roles to evolve. Still, fields like Finance and Insurance, Education, Business Development and Sales, and Supply Chain made it on the top list.

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