Since partnering with Nokia’s mobile division, HMD Global has made money by producing budget smartphones and tingling people’s nostalgia by reviving classic phones.

Now, the company has been rumored to revive another classic Nokia phone, the Nokia 3650. This is possibly one of the most unique phone designs that Nokia made, with its distinct rounded keyboard design. This 18-year-old phone came out in 2003.

The 3650 also became a staple mobile phone with its 2.1-inch 208 x 176 resolution colored screen, a VGA screen on the back, and an 850mAh battery. This used to be the “flagship” feature on smartphones back in the day.

Albeit, the 3650 was substantially large when it came out, something that we expect HMD Global to address on the reboot.

Like the new Nokia 5310, the popular Nokia 810 banana phone, and other revived Nokia classics, we expect the new Nokia 3650 to have a better screen, a new KaiOS interface, and possibly, 4G LTE connectivity.

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