iPhone and iPod are always on the list of gadget-seekers who has music running through their veins. Thankfully, Apple allows their products not just for personal use but to be shared to everybody. Additionally, it’s awesome that other companies, like Philips, take the opportunity to compliment them and get the most out of them.

One of the many products is Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker DS7600/98 and it’s available in the Philippines in which you can find one at Lazada PH, one of the leading online stores that offer very good deals. Music doesn’t just stay amplified through your earphones, with these specially manufactured speakers that are compatible with your iPhone and/or iPod you’ll get great sound trip in no time.

Philips -DS7600-98-Docking-Speaker

This new Fidelio version is the successor of AS351 that gives the same crisp quality of sound, sharpness, and portability however, dedicated solely for iPhone and/or iPod as I mentioned above. As the rise of docking speakers flood the market online and offline, how different is DS7600 that makes it stand out?

Sound Quality

Despite Fidelio DS7600’s size it can still shake and break your eardrums with its wOOx technology. Music lovers get good low-range outputs too because it also has DBB or Dynamic Bass Boost. The mids and highs are still great but the real focus here is obviously it’s “bass-on-the-go” nature.

Speaking of on-the-go, Philips decided to make the Fidelio more portable by including a panel in the back for AA batteries (4). This is for the times when you want to bring it with you and you’re not sure if there will be a wall outlet for you to plug it in. While this is a welcome feature, I would have preferred they just put some sort of rechargeable battery there.

When it comes to volume and range, the Fidelio DS7600 will have no problem filling up small living rooms, kitchens, or average sized bedrooms. It’s actually perfect for those times that you need mood music, like intimate parties and get-togethers.


Philips has a knack for designing their products with the three-quarters modern mind, they create them looking like capsules and you-know those sleek silver/black shiny gadgets. They look like stuff along the lines of Austin Powers in Goldmember’s spaceship. Anyway, the Fidelio DS7600 was designed not only to be stylish, I almost forgot to mention that it’s awesomely portable with a back-panel for 4 AA-batteries so that it’s not imprisoned in your four-walled room but can be brought along wherever you want to. It’s also very compact unlike its predecessor.

Philips designed it to endure mishandling like sudden falls or high impact on walls or whatsoever. Its dock and speakers are protected with front panel cover that’s rubberized functioning also as its stand. DS7600 does breakdancing too, you may flip it open then slap it backwards to set it up unlike a robotic Japanese translator *slash* calculator that sets up itself with a button. With this one you can exercise your fingers. When opened, DS7600 showcases its speakers and the PIN dock for your Apple stuff.

iPhone and iPod “tech”-mate

To conclude, the Philips Fidelio DS7600 Docking Speaker will be worth your money, if you want more visual presentation for this product you may watch this video from Tech.Stops.Here.

Philips designed this gadget specifically for Apple’s gemstones: iPhone and iPod – as I’ve mentioned for the third time. The company took time and effort including mobile radio shielding technology. But, if you don’t want your device showcased for all who dwells in your sacred living room or just bed room, you can plug it at DS7600’s back with its standard AUX-IN.

*This article was provided and sponsored by Lazada Philippines. 

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