The iPhone 5 fever is still up and this time it will be compared against the top android phones in the market. If you’re fed up already, the buzz has just gone wild and I believe that it will not stop pouring in anytime soon. The opponents in the videos below are the Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note, and HTC One X. The videos are embedded below are courtesy of Android Authority.


Still undecided on which phone is for you? Then continue to watch these videos so you can get a better grasp on their pros and cons. These are comprehensive comparisons so you’ll definitely understand their features. Watch the iPhone 5 comparison videos below.

Samsung Galaxy SIII vs iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone 5

HTC One X vs iPhone 5

Now that you’ve watched these videos, I guess you’ve made up your mind? Or haven’t you? Well, the most important thing that you should consider in buying a smartphone is their overall functionality and if you’ll be able to utilize them all. Honestly, I think there’s nothing much different among these phones if you just want a typical smartphone experience. However, due to their different ecosystems like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android (plus OEM skins like TouchWiz and HTC Sense), you might find it somewhat different. The real answer is to ask yourself. Try them out and see what works best for you.

[ Source: AndroidAuthority ]

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