If you’ve noticed something new on a recent Facebook app update on android, then that’s probably the new “Photo Syncing” feature. As the name suggests, this will sync your photos to your Facebook account which means that everyone will see your not-so-good looking photos and all the crap you’re in! Okay, not really. That’s not until you let them take a peak on it.


I have noticed that during the last couple of months Facebook seeks continuous developments and expansion to their social networking empire. They acquired Instagram, one of the biggest app today, and a Facebook smartphone was even rumored. However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg denied the rumor and said that it was not included in their plans.

Now, this Photo Syncing feature is being tested on random users who has access to the latest version of Facebook app. The idea here is that every photo that you will take will upload “as soon as you take them”.

There are several ways on how to control the auto-sync feature. You can set it to sync only when you’re on a Wi-Fi connection or on mobile data whichever you prefer. The first option is more ideal since it will lessen your bills if ever you got tons of photos to be synced. Else, the image will be resized to only 100kb if you’ll use mobile data connection.


The images will not be shown to anyone else unless you approved it to be displayed on your profile. To check if you’re one of those “lucky” (I don’t think so) beta testers, tap ‘Photos’ in your Facebook timeline straight from the FB app and see if Photo Syncing is there.

Facebook is really gearing their campaigns up but I think it is better if they will first improve their FB on android app rather than implementing these unneeded things. Facebook has become a great way to meet and find old friends in life. Another site which offers this same experience is MyLife.com. It was founded in 2006 and since then has become one of the most popular websites in keeping in touch with people’s families, friends, and colleagues.

Social networking sites is obviously beneficial to mankind but it should not equate to breaching in privacy. This development eventually adds another fail mark on Facebook’s strategies. Do you like this new Facebook feature?

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