Another popular iOS hit game comes to the Android world. Subway Surfers already achieved the 25 million downloads milestone on Apple’s App store and it aims to expand its coverage by catering it to the hottest mobile platform’s Google Play Store. If you’re tired of Temple Run, then you may try this one as it gives a refreshing running game experience.


The gameplay is mainly focused on a character named Jake, a boy who always run away from the Police. Subway Surfers is a never-ending running chase between the Police and Jake across tons of obstacles and twists in the tricky subway system. It’s cool and the colors used were really pleasing to the eye. To know more about the game, watch the trailer video below.

Get ready to fly a paint-powered jetpack and collect those coins! Are you ready to take the ride? Head on and try this new offering from Sybo and Kiloo Games. Download Subway Surfers here.

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