Fans would have you believe there’s a war going on with Apple versus Google over their smartphone sales. Heck, even Steve Jobs back in the day declared going thermonuclear against the search giant. Court documents, however, indicate this supposed war is merely a web of lies concocted by the media.

If you’ve been following the news on Epic Games, you already know the company is suing Apple and Google over anti-competitive practices and their 30-percent “tax” on app revenues. In one of their amended complaints submitted to the court, the video game developer/publisher argues that Google maintains a monopoly through its own deliberate efforts.


As for this so-called war, Epic Games claims Google finds no incentive to break its close relationship with Apple. Google’s main business is its online advertising. And to get the most revenue from mobile users, the company pays Apple a heft amount just to ensure the latter uses Google Search as its default search engine.

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