Before his untimely death and back when Google ventured into the then budding smartphone market, Steve Job’s animosity towards Android was well known, vowing to destroy the fledgling mobile operating system and “going thermonuclear.”

But way before that, did you know Jobs was actually considered to become the Google Chief Executive Officer?

Before Android came to the picture, Steve Jobs used to have a friendly, working relationship with Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The former even visited the search giant headquarters as seen in these rare photos by Jason Shellen, a former Googler.

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Steve Jobs was such a personal hero to the Google duo that back in 2000 when they were still looking for their first CEO, he was their top choice. At the time, investors told Page and Brin to find an experienced CEO that could provide adult supervision. There were a lot of candidates, but Jobs was the only one whom they wanted. 

Of course, we all know things happened differently. With Steve Jobs all too occupied running Apple, it was Eric Schmidt who became the first CEO of Google. Years later, Jobs felt betrayed that Google started to compete against Apple in the smartphone and personal computing businesses. 

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