Longstanding free learning management system (LMS) Edmodo announced, on Tuesday, its imminent closure, citing its pro bono model relative to quality service as an issue.

Making for an official statement, Edmodo.com posted on its website an announcement about the planned shut down.

“After more than a decade of ensuring Edmodo can stay a free tool for all, we have found that it is no longer viable for us to maintain the level of service you deserve and that we can take pride in ourselves. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to shut down Edmodo.com”.

As the anticipated termination of Edmodo’s services will entail the total erasure of the platform’s data on September 22, 2022, users may be able to download their respective data to their own devices.


“All accounts on Edmodo (Teacher, Student, and Parent) will be permanently deleted after our platform is fully shut down. Not only will your account be deleted but all personal data and any materials you have created within your account will also be permanently deleted,” said Edmodo.

Predating the shift to online learning even before the global health crisis, Edmodo has been front and center as an LMS since 2008.

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