The European Parliament has reportedly voted in favor of the return of replaceable and removable batteries, to make gadgets more sustainable and reduce electronic waste.

Based on the report for battery regulation, the EU will demand that consumer electronic devices should have easily replaceable batteries. This means that removable batteries will not be limited to smartphones, but also in other electronic devices.


Right to Repair, a coalition in Europe that’s focused on repair-related issues, notes that the recommendation of the Parliament is still far from implementation. The report needs to be converted to an actual legislation, which needs a negotiation with the European Council made of 27 members of the European Union.

Right to Repair expects it to be ready by 2022 and roll out is estimated to begin by 2024. This is because the EU wants to give manufacturers ample time (12-24 months) to comply with the new regulations.

Aside from the removable and replaceable batteries, the European Parliament also notes that manufacturers should continue to offer spare parts for a minimum of 10 years after a product is sold to the public.

Source: Repair

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  1. Oh yes! I definitely agree, now a days every fone manufacturer releases new models of their products
    almost every year and they are also having a hard time keeping with the battery supplies in each of their
    fone models to distribute it their repair centers in different countries and its much better to have their product’s
    battery replace by the owner it self with having to go thru the hassle of finding the right battery in repair shops
    which here in the Philippines is somewhat very hard to find depending on the model.