Researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a low-cost technique that allows them to see how lithium ions pass through batteries in real-time. By analyzing the movement of the ions, the researchers believe they could potentially cut phone charging times down to merely 5 minutes.

Published in the scientific journal Nature, this newly developed optical microscopy technique observes the so-called speed limits of lithium ions during charging and discharging cycles.

The key to utilizing the full potential of lithium-ion batteries is to control these limits, according to research lead Dr. Ashkay Rao.

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While there are other techniques available for analyzing how materials work inside batteries, this new breakthrough provides a cheap, non-time-intensive method that produces a better resolution.

Right now, it seems the tech is still in its early stages that any commercial applications won’t be happening for some time.

The researchers, however, are confident that this breakthrough could lead to the development of next-generation batteries.

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  1. Yeah like burned batteries and shorter battery life span. The cost of quick charging I guess.