Filipino co-founder of InterVenn Biosciences Philippines said that a team of Pinoy engineers under its employ are taking part in the development of new technologies aimed at the early detection of cancer development.

Located in the Bay Area in San Francisco, California, the company claims that the team tasked with maintaining the AI technology of the project is comprised mainly of “Filipinos residing in the Philippines,” per Co-founder and CEO Aldo Carrascoso.

Himself an artificial intelligence and machine learning expert, Carrascoso lauds the Filipino engineers for the significant feat made during the building of the early cancer detection system.

Specifically, he refers to the back end, front end, as well as cloud infrastructure of what is the company’s next-generation liquid biopsy undertaking.

With a recently opened office in Ortigas Center in Pasig, InterVenn credits its local team of engineers and developers for being crucial in the development of the proprietary AI technology used in the research.

As of writing, InterVenn has more than 100 Filipinos working for them.

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