National University Laguna’s Team HACKRR just won on the Microsoft Imagine Cup Junior (ICJ) AI for Good Challenge 2022.

It is said that a couple of junior and senior high school students from the Philippines participated in the competition by creating solutions for real-world problems and challenges.

Team HACKRR is one of the ten global winners of ICJ 2022 with the help of Microsoft applications and mentorship from Hacktiv Colab, a Microsoft learning partner.


The students from Laguna won the challenge with their WTFact project, which is an AI-powered plug-in for the Microsoft Edge browser that can detect and warn users against misinformation and fake news on websites.

With this plug-in, the AI can warn users if an image or text has potential misinformation within.

Microsoft Philippines’ education programs head Clarissa Segismundo said that “the issues we face today as a global community belong not only to professionals in the workforce but to the youth as well. Likewise, the capacity to solve them is just as much in their hands as anyone else’s. That truth comes alive year on year through this competition and the incredible innovations that our participants create — reaffirming our commitment to continue being their partners and enablers as they empower tomorrow for our country.”

“One problem here in the Philippines is fake news. It’s now more critical than ever for the public to have access to safe and reliable information, especially about public health, and politics,” said Team HACKRR’s Carl Joshua Cabase.

Team AgrikultuRAM of Asia Pacific College also participated and won second place in the Philippines with their project that uses AI to combat, detect, and mitigate pest infestations on banana plantations.

The Imagine Cup Junior 2022 was joined by over 13 teams from the Philippines, which consists of students around 13 to 18 years old.

There are also winners coming from countries like the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, and more.

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