Filipinos are concerned about job security this year, fearing the impact of rising artificial intelligence adoption and increasing data leaks on employment.

Global market research company Ipsos recently published its Global Advisor 2024 Predictions survey, which revealed that the Philippines is among the leading countries with such concerns for the year 2024.

Among 1,000 survey respondents residing in the Philippines, 73 percent think artificial intelligence will likely result in significant loss of new jobs in the country, 9 percent higher than the global average. When asked if their personal data would be leaked on the Internet, 64 percent of the Filipino respondents said it is likely. Cybercrime incidents remain prevalent in the Philippines despite government efforts.

Filipinos are also worried about another pandemic with a new virus in tow spreading globally, with 62 percent saying it is likely to happen. Filipinos also think the average global temperatures will rise yet again, and that more cases of extreme weather disturbances will affect the country in 2024.

Reminiscing the previous year, 66 percent of Filipino respondents said that 2023 was a bad year for the Philippines, while only 59 percent said it was a bad year for themselves and their family.

On the plus side, 56 percent of Filipinos said they are likely to lessen their use of social media, significantly higher than the 41 percent global average. Seventy-three percent are optimistic that the Philippine government will work on reducing carbon emissions, and 75 percent are hoping for more medal wins in the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Source: IPSOS

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