We’ve said before that Philippine mobile wallet service GCash would start dealing with crypto currencies soon, but it hasn’t happened yet. It turns out the service is only one deal away from accepting crypto transactions.

Per chief executive officer Martha Sazon in a virtual briefing with news reporters, GCash would include cryptocurrency as part of its financial services once it finalizes its dealings with a potential partner firm, the name of which she didn’t disclose.

GCash, Sazon further said, is serious in its plan to host this partner firm within its platform to facilitate cryptocurrency trading.

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Once added, cryptocurrency trading will join load transactions, bill payments, online shopping, remittances, and other services available in GCash. Investing in mutual funds is also available via GInvest. The service currently has 46 million users whose daily transactions amount to Php10 million.

But as to how soon exactly the service will appear on GCash, there is no specific date announced yet.

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