GCash is more than just an e-wallet service. The company has introduced new features over the years that solidify its existence as a financial company. Recently, they introduced one big feature that a lot of people, GCash users or not, have been clamoring for. It’s called GCash Padala.

One of the main issues of GCash money transfer is that the receiver also needs to have an app and account to receive the money. The thing is, not a lot of Filipinos have the time to set it up or even have the appropriate device to download the app to. That’s what they’re trying to address with GCash Padala.


With this service, GCash users can send money to friends and families that don’t have a GCash account.

Once the money is sent, the recipient can claim the money through outlet partners across the Philippines. You can check the steps below.

How to send GCash Padala money

Step 1: You, the sender, need to open the GCash app then tap “Send Money.”


Step 2: Tap “GCash Padala.”


Step 3: Fill up the required details which include the recipient’s name, contact number, and the amount you want to send. Once complete, tap “Next.”


Step 4: You will be presented with the details you just typed, the amount you want to send, the service fee, and the total. Double-check them. Once you’re sure everything is correct tap “Pay.”


Step 5: You, as well as the recipient, will get a confirmation text letting them know that the transfer was successful. It will show all the details of the transaction and the balance left on your GCash account.


How to claim GCash Padala

Step 1: The receiver will receive a confirmation text from GCash that the money has been sent to you. The text will contain a reference number and the amount of money sent.


Step 2: Proceed to your nearest GCash Padala outlet or GCash partner to claim the money. Make sure you bring 1 valid ID. You can check the list of redemption centers below.

Step 3: Once you’re at the outlet, you’d be presented with a form to fill out. It would ask for the reference number, name, and amount. The representative will also ask for your valid ID. Once verified, the GCash Padala money will be released.

Where to claim GCash Padala?

As of writing, the GCash Padala outlet is available in around 2,000 locations across the Philippines with more expected to be added soon. You can check the list of outlets here.

How much is GCash Padala fee?

According to the official GCash website, the service will charge as low as 1% for the transaction. This means that a Php500 amount will cost Php5, Php10 for Php1,000, and so on.

Well, that’s it. We’ll be updating this tutorial as we hear more from Gcash.

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