As of writing, there are only three motorcycle taxi apps that operate in the country—one of which is MOVE IT, which recently saw an overhaul to its application to provide a user-friendly experience to users as well as a comparatively cheaper fare rate versus the competition.

From the outset, MOVE IT’s latest app iteration may seem like a clone of Grab, only with a different coat of paint. But this is to make the use of the application itself live up to the ease it aims for, through a “more intuitive” graphical interface.

Making the application easily more accessible and usable to customers is of paramount importance, especially at a time when people struggle to find an alternative to traditional transport in the country.

But being somewhat new to the business, MOVE IT may come off as somewhat of an unknown entity, even to the generally transiting public.

Things to know about MOVE IT

Despite its relative obscurity, MOVE IT is an enterprise that has been circulating the streets and roads of the country since 2019, and is part of the government’s pilot study for so-called motorcycle taxis.

A homegrown moto-taxi app, it competes with only two other brands in the same space, otherwise known as transport network companies (TNC)—JoyRide and Angkas. MOVE IT currently employs 6,500 riders in its system.

With a 99.95% uptime, the MOVE IT is available for service at any time, including during peak hours.


Not ashamed of leveraging what Grab has established, the app also takes advantage of the aforementioned company’s existing in-house map, giving users a map to identify their location, according to Grab Head of Mobility Samir Kumar.

For its service fee, it charges a base fare of Php50 for the first two kilometers, with an increment of Php10 per kilometer for up to seven kilometers, and Php15 per kilometer for distances extending beyond seven kilometers.

While its competition promotes the “tipping culture,” MOVE IT strives to make a difference by discouraging it when booking a ride.

Maintaining a low charging fee to customers is a task not made possible without making compromises, which the company does via a low commission rate, deals on rider equipment, and insurance packages.

Making an easy payment to consumers, the app features cashless payments via debit or credit card which they can enroll with their respective accounts.

In terms of safety, MOVE IT employs a so-called Share-My-Ride feature, which gives users details about their transport, including real-time location during travel, that they can share with others.

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